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Five Essential Resume Tips

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. It's such a vital part of your toolkit in moving you up to the next level in your career. Here are five essential resume writing tips.Resume Tip 1Your resume and cover letter are the first items that will reach an employer's desk. Therefore, you want them to best reflect you as an applicant and you want them to best reflect you as an applicant. It's not just the words on the page, its the presentation of those words too. Always print your resume on good quality paper with an easy to read font of at least size 10 and preferably size 12. Always use blank ink, even for headings. Spelling or grammatical errors show a future employer that you are willing to send in sloppy work so keep it neat.Resume Tip 2Include all your accomplishments no matter how small. Include the details of the relevant jobs you have done in the past. You should present your work experience in a chronologically descending order i.e. the last company first. This should include the name of the company, ...


Making Corrugated Cardboard: How Does The Process Work?

Many of the items within supermarkets and department stores were shipped safely to the store in cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard and many times the products are displayed in these boxes. It is due to the versatility of corrugated cardboard that it is developed to display products in stores and protect them during shipping.Corrugated cardboard is the preferred material for shipping and displaying due to the fact it is very strong. Despite its strength it is light-weight and consists of three layers of what is called kraft paper. From the paper mills, the kraft paper is shipped to a corrugating plant. The plant then crimples and glues the kraft paper to make corrugated cardboard. It is then cut to the desired size, undergoes the printing of text onto the box, is folded and glued, which results in the cardboard boxes that we encounter every single day.The machine, called a corrugator, is as long as a football field. This means it measures around 300 feet. Some of the rolls of kraft paper are used as ...


A Trade Show Display That Can Stand Alone

One of the best places to gain customers for your business is to attend trade shows and promote your business there. What you do and how your display looks at the trade show can either make or break your business, so here are some tips for how to make sure your appearance at a trade show is a profitable one. Get the visitors' attention The first thing that you are going to want to do is to make sure that your potential customers can see you and know that you are there. Here are some things that you will want to do to get their attention. 1. Make your booth attractive - Use bright cheery colors so that your customers see you, and you are able to make a good first impression. Have your displays professionally printed so that they look great and you feel great showing them off. 2. Contact your customers - Let any current customers know that you will be at the trade show and invite them to stop by. Giving them this extra call makes them feel valued and as a consequence you are more likely to gain clients t...


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