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  • News about epidemic prevention for 2020

    Release Time:2020-02-10

    February 10, 2020

    Accompanied by Li Xue, CCP Party secretary of Waigang Town and other personnel, the delegation of Lu Fangzhou, head of Jiading District, came to our Company for resumed work inspection. Yang Xiaofeng, general manager of the Company and the manager from Comprehensive Office received them, and they introduced for the delegation led by the head of the district specific process for our Company’s employees to be recruited to the Company, and management requirements for employees coming to Shanghai from other places, and checked dinning halls and office areas. Mr. Lu, head of the district, pointed out during his visit that currently enterprises must focus on safety, implement related actions as required by corporate work resumption, guarantee employees’ lives and health, and start business and production in a proper manner.

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