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  • LED Products

    SEEYAO has been committed to theresearch and development of LED products, and was authorized and recognized byLUMILEDS in 2015, becoming the only automotive LED foundry inChina. SEEYAO's current main products are various car-level LEDs, coveringlarge, medium and small power LEDs. The packaging forms include PLCC, EMC,ceramic packaged LEDs, COB packaged LEDs and SOCKET LEDs. The products arewidely used in car reversing lights and brakes. Lamps, headlights (far/nearbeams), daytime running lights, front turn signals, automotive UV disinfectionlamps, automotive interior lamps and civil lighting lamps, etc.

    SEEYAO LED packaging workshop hasadvanced production technology, equipment and information management platform,and has passed the TS16949 certification of the automotive industry and theVDA6.3 audit of LUMILEDS. At the same time, we have always attached importanceto research and development and actively invested in research and developmentfunds to ensure the continued leadership of our products. We uphold theprinciple of quality first and always strive to improve the quality of ourproducts. We have complete technical training, management experience, a stabletechnical team and skilled industrial workers. It provides a solid foundationfor the production of stable quality LED products.

    With the developmentof the automotive industry, we can also provide customers with customizedservices, understand their needs in a timely manner, provide inexpensive andhigh-quality products, establish strategic partnerships with customers, jointlydevelop and innovate, and constantly strive for excellence.
    Automotive grade LED
    UV lamp
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